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The constant drive to have the best product at the best price has led retailers to demand ever more complex and constantly changing point of sale requirements and innovations, in order to catch the consumer’s eye, and to make the sale. This has led to their suppliers offering a wider and ever changing range of products, and resulted in the need to swiftly customise their product range to meet special offer promotions, such as multi-buy packaging, give away items, etc.

In order to be reactive to their customers' needs, suppliers now depend more and more on their logistics providers to manage re-work and re-packaging operations on their behalf.

RDL has wide-ranging experience in this area, and works for a number of major customers with demanding re-work, re-packaging and inspection requirements.

  • Co-packing.
  • Pack development services.
  • QC Inspection.
  • Re-work.
  • Pallet re-configuration.
  • Re-labelling.