regional consolidation and stocking services

Regional Consolidation

Many towns and cities, whilst being busy commercial centres, are sensitive to environmental, congestion and traffic volume concerns. Using its 8 depot network, RDL offers regional consolidation and stocking services. This allows manufacturers to send bulk loads into an RDL depot, where they can then be combined with other manufacturers' products for the same delivery point. This not only gives the manufacturer a cost and service advantage by storing locally, but also reduces the amount of vehicles making smaller deliveries to the town or city centre locations. This service is particularly useful for retailers, allowing them to reduce call-off lead times, and allowing them to devote more store space to selling product rather than holding stock.

  • Reduced vehicle emissions.
  • Improved air quality.
  • Reduced vehicle movements.
  • Less inner-city congestion.
  • Reduced pollution and noise.
  • Reduction in road wear.