Over 150,000 sq. ft. of paper products


Several of RDL's largest customers are in the paper industry, be it the supply of raw materials, pre-printed stationery or "direct to consumer" stationery products such as note pads and diaries.

RDL is responsible for the movement of containers from the point of manufacture, be it European or worldwide, direct to the RDL depots, or indeed in the case of full containers, direct deliveries to the end user.

RDL also stores in excess of 150,000 sq. ft. of paper products across the depot network, ranging from single reams of A4 paper through to 2 tonne reels for the newspaper and print industries. The entire stock is controlled either via the customer’s own warehouse management systems, or via RDL's own Empirica warehouse management system.

  • Full stock management functions, from bulk through to single items.
  • Full traceability from point of receipt through to final delivery.
  • Real-time service issue reporting.
  • Point of need delivery.
  • Internet access to delivery P.O.D's.