Rhys Davies Logistics ships parts across the world for leading plant and equipment supplier

28 October 2013

One of the UK’s leading suppliers of plant and machinery to the civil engineering and mining industry, KJ Services Ltd, is using Rhys Davies Logistics to handle the shipment of parts to over 40 countries around the world.

Consignments range from reconditioned engines and transmissions for plant such as Caterpillar, Volvo and Komatsu excavators and dozers, to smaller components urgently needed to repair equipment on site. Some destinations are extremely remote and difficult to access, for example a mine in Sierra Leone, or a road construction site in the mountains of Spain.
“We’ve been working with KJ Services for many years and some of the shipments can be quite a challenge,” said Freight Forwarding Manager John Lyon. “I remember on one occasion we were asked to deliver an urgently needed part to what amounted to a hole in the road in Spain where a piece of plant had broken down and was lying idle. There was no address as such, just a rough location a certain distance and direction from a nearby village. However, through our contacts we were able to find a local agent who knew the area and was able to deliver the part to the customer.”
KJ Services’ Parts Manager Lawrence Barry said, “We use Rhys Davies Logistics exclusively for many reasons – the most important one being they offer great service and have the experience to sort out problems before they become disasters. They are good at what they do – plain and simple!”
Urgent items are sometimes dispatched by air, but with some consignments weighing several tons, knowing which airlines are capable of handling them and the best route to choose is not an easy task. Again the team at Rhys Davies Logistics has the experience, contacts and technology to make sure the goods arrive quickly and safely at an economic rate. An engine bound for Sierra Leone for example would need to be sent via Belgium as there are no direct flights with enough capacity from the UK to Freetown airport. 
Rhys Davies Logistics is a member of The British International Freight Association (BIFA) and provides import and export services for a wide range of goods, including those that are hazardous or difficult to handle such as flammable gases, explosives, chemicals and paint, to and from any location in the world.