Major rebrand for Rhys Davies Freight Logistics

30 September 2013

Around 100 people, including customers, staff and suppliers to Rhys Davies Freight Logistics gathered at the Village Hotel Cardiff to celebrate the October launch of the company’s new name and brand image. From now on the company will be called Rhys Davies Logistics and will sport a new multi-coloured livery and text that support the company’s values.

The re-brand marked the culmination of a research programme carried out by top branding agency Stills into the image Rhys Davies presented to current and potential customers and how that image compared with the realities of the business and the quality and breadth of its services.
“The feedback we had from the survey was very positive,” said Rhys Davies’ Managing Director Mark Richmond. “Comments like, ‘they’re not just a haulage company’; ‘they’re easy to deal with’; and ‘they’re confident but not pushy,’ were just some of the things people said about us and we wanted our image to help reflect those values.”
The designs Stills and Rhys Davies came up with are certainly different and a confident departure from the smart but rather staid livery Rhys Davies has used in the past. Messages including, ‘Challenge us, we can take it’, ‘It’s not a problem’ and ‘You only have to ask’, emblazoned boldly across brightly coloured trailers of red, purple, green, yellow, orange and blue now reflect the company’s true values and positive approach to logistics. These approaches and values are supported by the company’s ten sites across Britain and a committed workforce of over 460 people. There is also a slight change to the company’s brand name with the word ‘freight’ being removed to give the business a cleaner image.
With almost 200 vehicles on the road the change of livery will not happen overnight, but already 20 brand new trailers and 8 tractor units have been added to the RDL fleet. A further 15 new rigids will follow before the end of 2013.
Rhys Davies Logistics provides logistical services across a wide range of industries including paper, coatings, food and chemicals whilst also operating in a number of niche markets. The company’s Freight Forwarding division ships goods, including hazardous materials, to and from any location in the world.
In 2012 Rhys Davies celebrated its 60th year in the transport industry.