Rhys Davies Forwarding Helps 'Tyre Protector' Reach Challenging Destinations Across The World

Leading puncture protection company Tyre Protector is using Rhys Davies Forwarding to ship its tyre sealant products to some of the world’s most challenging destinations. Tyre Protector, based in Newtown Powys, has been associated with RDF since it began trading in 2002 and now exports to 40 countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Zambia, and Angola.

Tyre Protector’s products are mainly used on commercial vehicles where the likelihood of punctures is high, such as in OTR (Off The Road) applications or on poorly maintained roads, especially in developing countries. RDF’s extensive knowledge and contacts across the globe have enabled Tyre Protector to reach destinations that would otherwise be off-limits due to poor infrastructure, onerous paperwork, poor communications and even military conflict.

“Around 95% of our products are exported and some of our best markets are in areas of the world that are difficult to access,” said Tyre Protector’s Managing Director, Paul Butterworth. “With RDF I have one point of contact and I know I can rely on them to make sure all the formalities are taken care of and our shipments arrive safely.”

RDF has invested heavily in the latest IT technology to help streamline the shipment of goods around the world. But according to Freight Forwarding Manager John Lyon there is still no substitute for experience and reliable contacts. “Knowing the physical and political relationships between countries can often help in devising a route to a particular destination but having the right contacts is vitally important too,” said John. “We had a shipment to a military base in Afghanistan a little while ago and used an agent in neighbouring Pakistan to handle it for us. We knew they did regular runs to that area and the job was completed without a hitch.”

Tyre Protector is now planning to expand its distribution network around the world and Rhys Davies Forwarding is devising new routes to enable the company’s development to continue.